Cooooooooool iconbar(Update Portrait Version)!!


Only for WM6.1 Landscape & Portrait device

OKay show u my screenshots and after u install this cab file, make ur home screen in Settings sliding plane NRG. enjoy.iconbar.png


Download Link:[download id=”28″]

Portrait Version:[download id=”30″]

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  1. Unfortunately, I only speak English. I’ve no idea how to work the settings in the application nor what the .lnk’s are.

    I’m guessing you replace the standard calendar xml with what was in the readme file below:

    Would you have time to translate the primary app fields for me? Also, what are the various .lnk files for?


    1. Hey, smacknack
      Cab installation package did contain the theme of another xml document, there are a section of code at the state icon corresponding registry. In fact, you can insert any xml File in this code to achieve this beautiful state column.
      If you do not know how to install it, first install cab file, and then setting the theme set to Sliding Plane NRG, u can see the beautiful state of the column:)

    2. Cindy
      May I rephrase what you wrote here:

      First install Rinku Then install… But where do I put Mini_Weather in Storage CardProgram Files or Program Files? The Mini_Weather files are not English. Any help please.


  2. 好东西…原来也一个主题…
    你的那个mini weather装的什么软件?

  3. Hi, for me iconbar not working. on top of the screen is no show. why? instaled .cab setting the theme set to Sliding Plane NRG.. no showing. why? sorry for my bad english…

  4. Cindy
    I run Mini Weather. There was some response but I dont understand what it was. Nothing happen to the pane… no weather there…. I have Rinku icon bar installed and selected as my home screen.

    Pls tell me what to do with the Mini Weather.

    Thank you

  5. sorry, im stupid 🙂 instaled bad version iconbar.. now work perfectly for me.. thank for good job!

  6. Cindy姐姐,有没有见过是细线组成的那个啊。。我到处都找不到,又不知叫什么名字。。。下面图片绿色主题那个

  7. 呃,Sorry. 🙂 是我表述得不好,就是iconbar啦。。。细细的线条的。觉得很舒服:)

  8. Cindy can you make a version for 176×220 resolution?please..i really want this..

  9. 横屏的版本要是能在状态栏也是彩色的就更好了,赞一个先。谢谢!

  10. 如果可以做到在所有状态栏都显示为彩色请将新的下载链接放于此页方便大家share,在此感谢你!

  11. 请问一下,这个彩色状态栏只能在主桌面才能显示么?进入任何别的界面就变成黑白色的 了…..这是个人问题还是普遍问题?


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