[Software]New Software - trakAxMobile!!~

又发现新软咯。很豪华的哈!没仔细研究,慢慢研究,7天试用期,嘎嘎,多媒体类。 Try a fully functional version of trakAxMobile for 7 days. All the features, all the fun for your Windows Mobile® 5 & 6 Device for a full 7 days. After downloading, be sure to check out the Support pages to get the most from trakAxMobile. You can use trakAxMobile in Portrait and Landscape (320 x240 / 240 x 320 only) mode. Smartphone版本下载地址:http://www.trakax.com/trakAxMobile_trial/V1.34%20SP%20Eval%20TrakAx%20Mobile.msi