New Game - Spb Balltracker

很不错的一款益智游戏,刚刚打完两关到后面很难打诶。喜欢这个类型游戏的赶紧鸟。你的机器能不能玩看下面的详细介绍。 Spb_Balltracker SPB.BallTaker.SmartPhone.1.2 Requirements: Windows Mobile 2003 SE Smartphone Windows Mobile 2003 Smartphone Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone Windows Mobile 6 Standard Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard Overview: The Smartphone version of the track-and-found game. The goal of the game is to lead the ball to the exit gate using the blocks on the field. Features 40 different levels Three difficulty modes * Original support for all resolutions (176x220, 240x320, 320x240) 这里下载(Download Link) 注册码:5P3353722227