New Game From Astraware:Hexic v1.02 Cracked!!

Hexic® is a fantastic twist on the match-three genre by famed Tetris® designer, Alexey Pajitnov. Hexic® is deceptively simple to begin with – just rotate any trio of hexes in order to form a cluster of three or more same-color pieces – but a real brain-boggling challenge to master.Hexic® features Marathon, Timed, and Survival game modes, and players are sure to enjoy many hours turning hexes into stars, stars into pearls, and pearls into victory! This is CㄒαcкED version!

要是熟悉MSN游戏的同学们都知道这个游戏好玩啦~以前对战我可是常胜军,哈哈哈。Astraware在昨日发布for WM平台的此款游戏,激动死鸟~哈哈。下面是截图和下载连接~完全版本来了!!~~

  • Windows Mobile® for Smartphone 2003
  • Windows Mobile® for Smartphone 2003SE
  • Windows Mobile® for Smartphone 5.0
  • Windows Mobile® for Smartphone 6 Standard
  • Windows Mobile® for Smartphone 6.1 Standard
  • Native 176×220
  • Native 240×320 (QVGA)
  • Native 320×240 (QVGA Landscape)



Download Link:[download id=”43″]
[download id=”44″]

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