[Theme]myPhone Theme

超美的主題,剛在sbsh看到有驚艷的感覺,效果也非常不錯,看了截圖你一定會心動,但請大家注意,只有橫屏適用哦。點圖片看大圖。鏈接和適用方法都在里面哦。 apple-myphone.png 此主題需要rjtime, smartmonitor ,phoneAlarm插件。 使用方法: 1.Download. :-P 2.Extract contents to your PC. 3.Paste the Apple folder and Apple.home.xml to your mobile (Application Data\Home). 4.Extract contents of Apple (PA).zip to your mobile (Program Files\phoneAlarm). 5.Make back up copies of reset.tga and reset2.tga located in (Program Files\Facade\Skins\Standard) on your mobile. 6.Extract contents of Reset Buttons (Facade).zip to your mobile (Program Files\Facade\Skins\Standard). 7.Select “Apple” as your home screen in your mobile settings. 8.Select “Apple” as your skin in phoneAlarm. 9.Enjoy! 最后就是下載地址拉~一定很期待咯?那就下吧~ dowmload me