[Software]Extreme Text - Make your SMS chat mode

Extreme Text is the premier Threaded SMS Texting application. It allows you to view all of your Texts as separate conversations for each contact you SMS, much like an Instant Message Conversation. It also adds great features including emoticons, following links in the text, User Defined Text Support, Photo Contact Support, and more… And it works with your regular WM databases so all your current messages will be included and you can switch back to the regular Text program at any time without losing a message. Take your Texting to the Extreme!!! Features:

  • Threaded Text Conversations
  • Tested to Work With MOL2/MOL3 Motorola Qs
  • Photo Contact Support
  • Emoticons
  • Follow Links in Text
  • Insert User Defined Text
  • Works with Existing Windows Mobile Databases
  • Auto-Capitalize
  • Color Themes
  • Small Footprint
  • And More…

和最近刚发的一个软件不一样的哦。这个比较像iPhone的sms界面。就是按照联系人来分短信,很方便短信狂人。下载会在截图下放出。这个是七天的试用版。 extrame-text.PNG extrame-text-ss.PNG 下载点我(Download Link)