-----Cindy Cafe 2007 Top 10 Themes-----

2007年过去了。小站也开了一年多了,2007年,有很多优秀的sp软件出现,有很多优秀的主题出现,为了回顾2007,本站将做个特辑,top10的主题和软件即将揭晓, 今天总算编辑完了top 10的主题,眼睛快瞎了… 1.X Reloaded Theme now Vox compatible and with WMP skin Reason: So Beautiful Theme and you can change the icons as you want. Author:Chrisoph Rado Download Page(Theme\WMP Skin\plugin\Icons): http://cindywm.com/x-reloaded-from-chris-cool-jobPreview Picture prosper_x-reloaded-vox.jpg 2.Pure Black Theme for Vox Reason: Save your battery and make your homescreen clearly. Author:Chrisoph Rado Download Page: http://cindywm.com/chris-new-theme-pure-black-%ef%bc%81 Preview Picuure prosper_pure-black.gif 3.Vista Energy Theme For Vox Author: DjOuBhAa Reason: Cute LCD style. Download Page: http://cindywm.com/coooool-theme-vista-energy Picture vista-energy.jpg 4.Leopard Theme for Landacape Smartphone Device Author: Waltzb Reason: If you like leopard, you’ll like it . Download Page: http://cindywm.com/leopard-theme-is-out-now Picture screen004.png screen005.png 5.myPhone Theme for Landacape Smartphone Device Author: Waltzb Reason: iPhone Style Theme, and in fact, everyone like it very much. Download Page: http://cindywm.com/themeamazing-myphone-v40 Picture apple-myphonei.png apple-myphoneh.png 6.New HTC Touch Theme for Vox Author: rope Reason: HTC style theme,without install htc home.cab. Download Page: http://cindywm.com/new-htc-touch-theme (Landscape Version) http://cindywm.com/htc-touch-theme-for-portrait (Portait Version) Preview Picture touchenanitt8.gif post-48600-1182544115.png post-48600-1182544162.png 7.Buuf Theme For Smartphone Portrait Device Author: Unknow(DeviantArt) Reason: This is a cute theme,am I right? Need Plugin: [download id=”10”] [download id=”11”] Download Link: [download id=”8”](Portrait QVGA Version) [download id=”9”](Portrait QQVGA Version) buff.jpg buff_qqvga.jpg 8.Moisson Theme for Vox Author: DjOuBhAa Reason: Yap, glasses light~! Download Page: http://cindywm.com/%c3%97%c3%97-moisson-theme-simple-but-i-like Preview Picture moisson-djoub.gif 9.Simple QQVGA theme Author: Squllcx Reason: Clear Simple Pure Theme. Download Link:[download id=”12”] Preview Picture simple01.jpg simple02.jpg simple03.jpg 10.Windows Fractals Theme for Vox Author:stef231 Reason: The theme only show the item you point. Need plugin:[download id=”6”] Download Link: [download id=”13”] Preview Picture fractalssh.png ——end——